I got really into Road to El Dorado for a bit so I ended up making this character one over a weekend during quarantine. Such a good movie. sculpted in Zbrush, retopo'd, textured and rigged in Blender.

Here's a look at the topology. Probably one of my favorite parts of modeling is retopo. It's like one big puzzle

Here's a model I made of Willem Dafoe's character from The Lighthouse. We're big Dafoe fans here. Sculpted in Zbrush and retopo'd, textured and groomed in Blender.
I'm a huge avatar fan so here's some artwork I did of Aang in the avatar state back when the series first came back to Netflix. All aspects done in Blender.
Testing out some real time face and body motion capture using an Oculus headset and an iPhone. All aspects of this were from scratch in Blender. Rendered in EEVEE.
Body and Facial mocap test for an animated short about a group of degenerate Aliens that try to invade Earth. Everything sculpted, modeled and rigged from scratch
Some more motion capture work. This time composited to emulate traditional Disney-esque animation. Character modeled and rigged in Blender
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