Natural Habitat is an animated series created by me, my girlfriend Nicole Low, and our friend Tyler Kula. Together we write and storyboard each episode, and then I spend about a week animating them in my free time. Since we started posting in August of last year we've gained over 1.5 million followers across TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram. We're incredibly proud of what we've created and how we've grown as writers and animators, but mostly we just have way too much fun making each other laugh and that's why we make them.
Here are a some of my favorites
Fun fact: Chipmunks have cheek pouches used to store food and can expand up to 3 times larger than their head.
Fun fact: Bats use echolocation to find things they can’t see.
Fun fact: Opossums have pouches! They are also the only marsupial found in North America and can have up to 20 joeys per litter!
Fun fact: Beavers can’t stand the sound of running water and compulsively build dams to dampen the sound.
Concept Art
Here are the original character turnarounds I made for an animated short in college called "Monster in the Woods." At the time the story I wanted to tell was aimed at much younger audience so I wanted the art style to reflect that. Everything seen here was done in in 3D with toon shaders and some compositing in After Effects.

Our Seminar where we were invited to speak to the Harvard Science education Department

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